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AFSA 38th Convention, San Diego 2019

October 4th, 2019

AHJ Only: Rough-In Inspection & Final Acceptance Tests

Steven Scandaliato, SET, SDG, LLC; Ken Wagoner, SET, Parsley Consulting

Room: America CD

CEU 0.2 | CPD 2.0 | CH 2.0

AHJ Track

Among the many milestones found in the process of sprinkler system design and installation, the rough-in inspection is arguably the most important. Rarely are sprinkler systems inspected and tested by the same personnel that performs the shop drawing review. As a team, installers and fire service inspectors are our last chance to “get it right” regardless of design intent and plan review accuracy. This seminar explains the synergy required in the design and installation process exposing critical areas of each needed to ensure that lives and property will be saved. A detailed discussion regarding activities included in this inspection and the importance they play will be presented.

Upon the conclusion of this seminar, the participant should be able to:

  • Identify construction types by definition(s) for each compartment and validate the approved shop drawings
  • Recognize and apply proper obstruction types and associated rules based on the construction definitions
  • Compare critical portions of the actual installation with the approved shop drawings

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AFSA 38th Convention, San Diego 2019

October 4th, 2019

AHJ Only: Fire Sprinkler Systems Plans Review

Steven Scandaliato, SET, SDG, LLC; Ken Wagoner, SET; Parsley Consulting

Room: America CD

CEU 0.4 | CPD 4.0 | CH 4.0

AHJ Track Track

Review of automatic fire sprinkler system plans has become very complex as the 2016 edition of NFPA 13 was expanded to provide more information than before on fire sprinkler system design and installation. The seminar guides AHJs in a discussion of requirements for plans and calculations contained in Chapter 23, and includes an exercise in hands-on review of a fire sprinkler system plan, including overall design concept, hydraulic calculations, and underground supply system. Evaluation of decisions made by the system designer dealing with hazard and commodity classification, sprinkler selection & spacing, and materials selection are among the topics of this review.  This seminar relies heavily on attendee participation and generates a list of items requiring further clarification or revisions.  A question and answer session will follow completion of the plan review. Plan reviewers and field inspectors should find this seminar helpful, and will most likely find areas where their own review checklist can be modified or improved.  An architect’s scale and a copy of the 2016 edition of NFPA 13 are strongly recommended for attendees.

Upon completion of this seminar, the attendee should be able to:

  • Demonstrate ability to accurately read a set of fire sprinkler plans
  • Perform a thorough review to determine compliance, or lack thereof, with the requirements for fire sprinkler systems in NFPA 13, and their own jurisdiction
  • Calculate the coverage area for each sprinkler, using the SxL=A method from NFPA 13, and identify fire sprinkler locations exceeding coverage limits of NFPA 13
  • Discuss items on the plan in conflict with each other
  • Solve equations to develop minimum flow and pressure requirements for each sprinkler
  • Identify differences between obstructed and unobstructed construction and their impact on sprinkler system design
  • Complete a detailed letter informing the contractor of non-compliance, advising of resubmittal process, describing items deemed non-compliant with references from the standard to support that conclusion.

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SDG Awarded New COE Project; NAS, Bahrain

May 19th, 2013

SDG, LLC has been awarded the contract for fire suppression system engineering and design for a multi-building project in Bahrain.  Working with ProtectU of Oman, SDG will provide estimating and design deliverables for several new and existing buildings.  “This is a timely project for us”, said Steven Scandaliato.  “As construction in the United States continues to be sluggish, projects like this give us the chance to extend our reach for offering services around the world.”  This project will include several retrofit systems for existing buildings previously not protected and provide new systems for two new multi-story buildings.  Deliverables include pre-bid designs and design/build construction documents including hydraulic and seismic calculations.

SDG, LLC has been awarded a Fire and Life Safety Master Plan project by Montgomery Chemical in Philadelphia

March 10th, 2012

SDG, LLC has been awarded a Fire and Life Safety Master Plan project by Montgomery Chemical in Philadelphia, PA. This project will encompass a complete facility evaluation for the evaluation and upgrade of fire and life safety systems that currently exist. Deliverables will include a Hazardous Material Audit along with due diligence reports for recommended revisions to current storage and process configurations along with water supply requirements for both city and site utilities. “This project will not only require open collaboration between SDG and the client but an open line of communication with the local jurisdiction as well” noted Steven Scandaliato, the project principal. Projected start date is April 2012.

SDG, LLC is awarded second major oil/sands mining project in northern Alberta, Canada

February 10th, 2012

SDG, LLC of Tucson, Arizona has been awarded a second oil/sands mining project in northern Alberta, Canada. SDG will provide active and passive fire protection engineering and design for FEED deliverables in the first phase of development. Project deliverables include design philosophies, basic engineering narratives, P&ID’s and specifications for all active and passive fire protection systems. Estimated construction is over $10B with an anticipated completion of phase one deliverables in 2013.