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AFSA 38th Convention, San Diego 2019

October 4th, 2019

AHJ Only: Rough-In Inspection & Final Acceptance Tests

Steven Scandaliato, SET, SDG, LLC; Ken Wagoner, SET, Parsley Consulting

Room: America CD

CEU 0.2 | CPD 2.0 | CH 2.0

AHJ Track

Among the many milestones found in the process of sprinkler system design and installation, the rough-in inspection is arguably the most important. Rarely are sprinkler systems inspected and tested by the same personnel that performs the shop drawing review. As a team, installers and fire service inspectors are our last chance to “get it right” regardless of design intent and plan review accuracy. This seminar explains the synergy required in the design and installation process exposing critical areas of each needed to ensure that lives and property will be saved. A detailed discussion regarding activities included in this inspection and the importance they play will be presented.

Upon the conclusion of this seminar, the participant should be able to:

  • Identify construction types by definition(s) for each compartment and validate the approved shop drawings
  • Recognize and apply proper obstruction types and associated rules based on the construction definitions
  • Compare critical portions of the actual installation with the approved shop drawings

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AFSA 38th Convention, San Diego 2019

October 3rd, 2019

Special Hazards Fire Protection: A New Look at System Design & Fire Fighting Foam

Steven Scandaliato, SET, SDG, LLC

Room: America AB

CEU 0.2 | CPD 2.0 | CH 2.0

Install/Design Track

There have been significant issues with the use of AFFF over the past few years including a ban on fluorine foams. As a result, several new products and technologies have entered the market and with them, new rules, design methods, and system costs. This seminar introduces Fire Fighting Foam in traditional and special hazards fire protection. Specific emphasis is presented on advantages and disadvantages for each giving the contractor and engineer a clear understanding of what best fits the hazards and project restraints they are dealing with.

Upon the conclusion of this seminar, the participant should be able to:

  • Identify special hazards and systems available to protect them
  • Recognize the difference in foam product types available and how to apply them
  • Describe the new system of technology available and where it is applicable

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AFSA 38th Convention, San Diego

October 2nd, 2019

Spot the Dot: Sprinkler Design Using NFPA 13, 2019 Ed.

Steven Scandaliato, SET, SDG, LLC

Room: America CD

CEU 0.2 | CPD 2.0 | CH 2.0

Install/Design Track

This seminar focuses specifically on major sections of NFPA 13 influencing sprinkler layout in the 2019 edition. Topics such as construction definitions, obstruction rules, ceiling pockets, and clouded ceilings are included. We will review real project examples that do not fall neatly into those found in the standard, as well as changes in these sections with the new edition.

Upon completion of this seminar the participant should be able to:

  • Identify construction definitions without using the standard
  • Compare differences between construction definitions and the impact on the design
  • Identify the four major obstruction classifications and apply the rules for each
  • Identify pocket and clouded ceilings and apply the rules for each

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SFPE Sprinkler Design for Engineers

May 25th, 2016

Steven will present the popular Sprinklers Design for Engineers seminar for the AMRACI conference in Mexico City. This 2 day seminar covers every aspect of fire sprinkler design as it pertains to engineers of record.  This seminar has consistently been one of the most popular offered by the Society of Fire Protection Engineers. Mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineers that have realized prescriptive specifications are putting them at risk will not want to miss this opportunity to increase their knowledge in the critical parts of fire sprinkler engineering and design.  Visit the AMRACI web site for registration information and event schedules.

Marketing Webinar for Fire Sprinkler Contractors in a Tough Economy

May 11th, 2011

Webinar presentation will educate fire sprinkler contractors on specific marketing strategies to effectively communicate value to potential customers in a tough economy.

Building a successful business involves the execution of a thoughtful and deliberate business plan. Among the many components of this plan, marketing a product or service should be considered a critical business activity. A new webinar has been prepared by Fire Smarts, LLC to educate fire sprinkler contractors across the nation on specific strategies to effectively communicate the value of fire protection products and services to potential customers. The webinar is part of the online training series offered by Fire Smarts, LLC.

The “Marketing for Fire Sprinkler Contractors” webinar will be presented by fire protection industry expert, Steven Scandaliato, SET, CFPS, on May 19, 2011 at 12:00pm Eastern. During this two-hour training Mr. Scandaliato will introduce marketing principals and practical tools for contractors. The presentation will go beyond the typical marketing methods of signs on trucks and stickers on risers to review practical methods of communicating the value of fire sprinkler products and services to targeted prospects. In today’s economy there has never been a more critical time for contractors to develop and follow an effective marketing plan.

Registration is open to all interested parties. For more information and to register for this webinar click on Webinar Information Page.

“This has been a tough economy for contractors of all trades, including fire sprinkler contractors,” said Steven Scandaliato, SET, CFPS. “This webinar is an opportunity to learn specific marketing strategies that work for fire sprinkler contractors, including effective methods for promoting residential fire sprinkler systems with home builders offering this proven method of protection to their customers.”

Webinar instructor, Steven Scandaliato, is a Fire Smarts Faculty member and Principal at SDG, LLC, a fire protection design and consulting company. With over 30 years of fire protection engineering, design and project management experience he holds a Level IV certification from NICET in Fire Sprinkler Layout, a Certified Fire Protection Specialist designation, and serves as a member of the NFPA 13, 101 and 5000 committees.

For more information and to register for this webinar click on Webinar Information Page. This webinar is another fire protection training opportunity through Fire Smarts online training programs.

About Fire Smarts, LLC: Fire Smarts, LLC is a leading provider of fire protection educational and training resources. The company operates the home fire protection resource website, Residential Fire Sprinklers .com, frequently publishes articles and reports on the latest industry developments and utilizes its team of Fire Smarts Faculty members to create custom training solutions for contractors, fire and building officials, and business organizations based on NFPA standards.