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AFSA 36: Convention, Exhibition & Apprentice Competition

September 24th, 2017


AHJ Training: Rough-In Inspections & Final Acceptance Test

Among the many milestones found in the process of sprinkler system design and installation, the rough-in inspection is arguably the most important. Rarely are sprinkler systems inspected and tested by the same personnel that perform the shop drawing review. As a team, installers and fire service inspectors are our last chance to “get it right” regardless of design intent and plan review accuracy. This seminar will explain the synergy required in the design and installation process exposing the critical areas of each needed to ensure that lives and property will be saved. Detailed discussion regarding the activities included in this inspection and the importance they play will be presented.

Speakers: Ken Wagoner SET, CFPS, CFPE & Steven Scandaliato

2.0 CPD; Contact Hours 2 Hours; 0.2 CEU