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37th AFSA Annual Convention & Exhibition, Washington, DC, USA

September 30th, 2018


Fire Sprinkler System Design for Storage Occupancies

Steven Scandaliato, CFPS SET, SDG, LLC

0.2 CEU | 2.0 CPD | 2 Contact Hours


This seminar will review fire sprinkler system design for storage occupancies. Topics will include a detailed review of applicable definitions that have significant influence on design criterion; determining commodity classifications; a systematic approach to choosing the right sprinkler; and what, when and how to apply available modifiers.

NFPA 20: Fire Pump Design and Installation for Fire Protection Contractors

Steven Scandaliato, CFPS, SET

0.2 CEU | 2.0 CPD | 2.0 Contact Hours


This seminar will review the most important topics associated with the proper design and installation of fire pumps in fire protection systems. Detailed discussions regarding applicable definitions, understanding the requirements on the suction side versus the discharge side, how to properly size a fire pump, and the consequences when manipulating pressure will be included.