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AFSA 38th Convention, San Diego

October 2nd, 2019

Spot the Dot: Sprinkler Design Using NFPA 13, 2019 Ed.

Steven Scandaliato, SET, SDG, LLC

Room: America CD

CEU 0.2 | CPD 2.0 | CH 2.0

Install/Design Track

This seminar focuses specifically on major sections of NFPA 13 influencing sprinkler layout in the 2019 edition. Topics such as construction definitions, obstruction rules, ceiling pockets, and clouded ceilings are included. We will review real project examples that do not fall neatly into those found in the standard, as well as changes in these sections with the new edition.

Upon completion of this seminar the participant should be able to:

  • Identify construction definitions without using the standard
  • Compare differences between construction definitions and the impact on the design
  • Identify the four major obstruction classifications and apply the rules for each
  • Identify pocket and clouded ceilings and apply the rules for each

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