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Steven Scandaliato – Presentations and Publications

Mr. Scandaliato conducts seminars internationally for several organizations and industry associations including:

American Fire Sprinkler Association

Society of Fire Protection Engineers

American Society of Plumbing Engineers

American Society of Sanitary Engineers

Fire Suppression Systems Association

American Institute of Architects

International Code Council

and other governmental agencies and private industry

Presentation Titles Include:

  • Fire Sprinkler Design for Contractors
  • Fire Sprinkler Design for AHJ’s.
  • Fire Suppression System Design, Inspections and Testing
  • Performance Based Design & Risk Engineering
  • Fire Pump Design and Installation – NFPA 20
  • Standpipes and Hose Systems – NFPA 14
  • Engineering and Design for High Piled Storage – NFPA 13
  • An AHJ’s Guide to Plan Review of Fire Suppression Systems
  • Hydraulic Calculations for Fire Suppression Systems
  • Project Management
  • SFPE Professional Development Series – Sprinkler Design for Engineers
  • Seismic Bracing for Fire Suppression Systems
  • Residential Fire Sprinkler Design – NFPA 13, 13R and 13D

Publications Include:

  • Fire Sprinkler Design; What’s the Building Owner Got to Do With It?; Sprinkler Age. American Fire Sprinkler Association, May/June 2019.
  • Spot the Dot; The Imbalance of Sensitivity and Discharge; Sprinkler Age. American Fire Sprinkler Association, November/December 2016.
  • Spot the Dot; What About the ‘Z’ Dimension?; Sprinkler Age. American Fire Sprinkler Association, September/October 2016.
  • Seismic Design for Fire Sprinkler Systems (Three part series); Plumbing Systems and Design. American Society of Plumbing Engineers, 2005.
  • Designers Guide To Automatic Sprinkler Systems; Co-author, Society of Fire Protection Engineers, Gaithersburg, MD. 2005.
  • Thinking Outside the Rectangle; NFPA Journal. National Fire Protection Association November/December 2003.
  • Hydraulic Calculations – Designing to the Supply Curve; Fire Marshals Quarterly. International Fire Marshals Association, 2003.
  • Residential Fire Sprinkler systems: Now What?; Plumbing Systems and Design. American Society of Plumbing Engineers, 2009.
  • Residential Fire Sprinklers Market Growth and Labor Demand Analysis; Contributions to Special Report, Fire Smarts, LLC. 2008.