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Fire Sprinkler Webinar to Discuss Hydraulic Calculations for Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

November 30th, 2010

Webinar presentation will educate designers, installers and plan reviewers on the most popular hydraulic calculation methods used for sizing residential fire sprinkler systems.

A new webinar has been prepared by Fire Smarts, LLC to educate fire protection designers, installers and plan reviewers across the nation on hydraulic principals and how to perform hydraulic calculations for residential fire sprinkler systems. The webinar is part of the online training series offered by Fire Smarts, LLC.

The “Hydraulic Calculations for Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems” webinar will be presented by fire protection industry expert, Steven Scandaliato, SET, CFPS, on December 14, 2010 at 12:00pm Eastern. During this two-hour training Mr. Scandaliato will review the basic principles of hydraulics, the most popular hydraulic calculation methods and the use of each method when sizing a residential system. Significant time will be spent on using the simplified calculation methods allowed by NFPA 13D and the International Residential Code (IRC).

Registration is open to all interested parties. For more information and to register for this click on Webinar Information Page.

“With the addition of residential fire sprinkler requirements into the International Residential Code, there is no question that these systems will become a standard component in new home construction across the country,” said Ryan J. Smith, President of Fire Smarts, LLC. “There is a need for designers, installers and plan reviews to better understand how these systems are designed to ensure cost-effective and high-quality installations.”

The “Residential Fire Sprinklers Market Growth and Labor Demand Analysis” published by Fire Smarts, LLC in September 2008, projects that over 7000 additional positions for sprinkler installation, over 2000 additional positions for sprinkler design, and nearly 1500 plan reviews and inspectors will be needed as residential fire sprinkler requirements are adopted and widely enforced across the country over the next decade. An adequate amount of skilled labor is essential to ensuring that residential sprinkler systems can be properly and cost-effectively installed.

“I’ve worked in the home building and fire protection industries all my life,” said Steven Scandaliato, SET, CFPS. “Fire sprinklers are quickly becoming a standard component of new home construction and I am committed to providing education and training to make sure these systems are cost-effective and work correctly in the event of a fire.”

Webinar instructor, Steven Scandaliato, is a Fire Smarts Faculty member and Principal at SDG, LLC, a fire protection design and consulting company. With over 30 years of fire protection engineering, design and project management experience he holds a Level IV certification from NICET in Fire Sprinkler Layout, a Certified Fire Protection Specialist designation, and serves as a member of the NFPA 13, 101 and 5000 committees.

For more information and to register for this webinar click on Webinar Information Page. This webinar is another fire protection training opportunity through Fire Smarts online training programs.

About Fire Smarts, LLC: Fire Smarts, LLC is a leading provider of fire protection educational and training resources. The company operates the home fire protection resource website, Residential Fire Sprinklers .com, frequently publishes articles and reports on the latest industry developments and utilizes its team of Fire Smarts Faculty members to create custom training solutions for contractors, fire and building officials, and business organizations based on NFPA standards.

Fire Smarts Faculty Steven Scandaliato Speaks at 2010 ASSE Technical Seminar

November 29th, 2010

On November 12, 2010, at the ASSE Technical Seminar in Las Vegas, Fire Smarts Faculty, Steven Scandaliato, SET, CFPS delivered the “Residential Fire Sprinklers: Are You Ready?” seminar. The seminar discussed the impact of the IRC residential fire sprinkler requirements on the market and how plumbing engineers and contractors can prepare to provide residential sprinkler services.

Mr. Scandaliato’s extensive fire sprinkler background combined with his roots in the home building industry give him a unique perspective on the growing residential sprinkler market. His presentation was packed with real-world examples and practical advice on how to effectively communicate and work with home builders. While home builders may not be quick to embrace the residential fire sprinkler requirements, they certainly understand the need to determine the most cost-effective methods for installing these systems when they are required.

Based on participant feedback throughout the Edward J. Zimmer Technical Seminar, Mr. Scandaliato was awarded the Wylie W. Mitchell Award for the most outstanding presentation of the seminar.

“It’s an honor to receive this award,” said Steven Scandaliato, SET, CFPS. “I’m thrilled that my presentation was well received at the ASSE Technical Seminar. I’m passionate about teaching good fire protection…especially with residential sprinklers where people’s lives are literally saved.”

Also discussed during the ASSE Technical Seminar was the ASSE 7000 certification. This ANSI accredited certification is for installers and inspectors of residential fire sprinkler systems. Fire Smarts is developing and delivering the 40+ hour training program for this certification.

The ASSE Certification provides assurance to the industry that qualified individuals are installing and inspecting residential sprinkler systems. The ASSE Certification also assures that individuals have taken a qualified course and have passed both a written and a practical exam. The program provides for continued education and periodic recertification.

For more details view the “ASSE 7000 Certification Brochure

Scandaliato receives Wylie W. Mitchell Award

November 12th, 2010

The American Society of Sanitary Engineering, ASSE, recently awarded Steven Scandaliato, CFPS SET the Wylie W. Mitchell Award for the most outstanding presentation at their Edward J. Zimmer Technical Seminar held in Las Vegas, NV. Mr. Scandaliato’s presentation on Residential Sprinklers provided pertinent information regarding the codes and standards involved with residential sprinkler systems which generated a spirited discussion about those who are pursuing this market of the fire protection industry.